Spanish King abdicates in favour of Son

King Juan Carlos with Crown Prince FelipeJNN 03 June 2014 MADRID  — Spain’s King Juan Carlos, who led Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy but faced royal scandals amid the nation’s near financial meltdown, will abdicate so his son can become the country’s next monarch, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told the country Monday in an announcement broadcast nationwide. Continue reading

” Muhammad ” the 2nd Most Common Name in Catalonia , Spain

Catalonian Muslims on the riseJNN 20 Nov 2013 Barcelona : The name Mohammad is the second most common first name in Catalonia,the Break away Republic of Spain. Continue reading

The Last Strong Hold of Muslim Identity of Granada , Shines Back and Florishes in Spain

Muslims in Spain

JNN 22 Sept 2013 Madrid : Housing the remnants of Spain’s last Muslim communities, a string of tiny villages surrounded by snow-capped mountains in Alpujarras constitutes Granada’s last Muslim stronghold, where halal food attracts a growing number of tourists. Continue reading

EU recessions tearing down Countries into smaller States , as Catalonia on the verge of Break away from Spain

Catalan separatists form a human chain to mark Catalunya's National Day in central BarcelonaJNN 13 Sept 2013 Barcelona : Hundreds of thousands of Catalans held hands in a 400-km (250-mile) human chain across their region on Wednesday to press the Spanish government to let them vote on breaking away and forming their own country. Continue reading

EU on the Brink of Break up and Revolution , as the Youth Unemployment Grows

European Unemployment changing into RevolutionJNN 01 June 2013 Brussels : German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Tuesday that failure to win the battle against youth unemployment could tear Europe apart, and dropping the continent’s welfare model in favour of tougher U.S. standards would spark a revolution. Continue reading

Spain unemployment rate hits record high of 27.2%, No signs of even Improvement this Year

spain unemployment Hits record High of 27%JNN 29 April 2013 Madrid : Spain’s unemployment rate soared to a new record of 27.2% of the workforce in the first quarter of 2013, according to official figures.

The total number of unemployed people in Spain has now passed the six million figure, although the rate of the increase has slowed.

The figures underline Spain’s struggle to emerge from an economic crisis which began five years ago.

A big demonstration in Madrid is being planned against the austerity measures.

On Friday, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will unveil fiscal and policy measures aimed at halting recession in the eurozone’s fourth-largest economy.

“These figures are worse than expected and highlight the serious situation of the Spanish economy as well as the shocking decoupling between the real and the financial economy,” said Jose Luis Martinez, strategist at Citi.

Last week, the International Monetary Fund cut its 2013 forecast for Spain’s growth to a 1.6% contraction from 1.5% and said the unemployment rate would peak at 27% this year.

Peak reached?

The unemployment figure is the highest since at least 1976, the year after dictator Francisco Franco’s death began Spain’s transition to democracy.

The jobless rate, which stood at 7.9% in mid-2007, has risen relentlessly since the collapse in 2008 of a Spain’s labour-intensive property boom

Spain’s Official Population is around 47 Million which includes children and elders also who are not able to work , while about 6 Million of the Earning Members of the family are out of Work , which is a very alarming rate , as if this is not controlled , then the anarchy and chaos will grip the country badly , and as the Euro has exceeded its worth , and the Living expenses are so high , that it looks that it is now near to Impossible to create Jobs , until the salaries are cut and even very tough austerity measures are taken to control the situation , which is becoming uncontrollable .

On Wednesday, Mr Rajoy told parliament that the job situation for the entire year “will not be good, but it will be less bad than in the preceding years”.

“Next year we will have growth and jobs will be created in our country,” he said.

Meanwhile official figures in France also showed a fresh record high in unemployment. Some 3.2 million people are now seeking work in the eurozone’s second-largest economy.


Economic Collapse of Spain Pushes Jobless Rate to 26.02% , it starts Break up as Catalonia declares Sovereignty

Spain Unemployment 26% Catalonia IndependentJNN 24 Jan 2013 Barcelona : Official data indicate that Spain’s unemployment rate hit a record high of 26.02 percent in the final quarter of 2012 as the country continues to grapple with economic problems. While the Economic Melt Down has further causing Divisions in Spain as the Catalan Region Parliament have approved the declaration of State of Sovereignty , which is the First Step towards the Independence of the Catalan Region from Spain . Continue reading

Recessions & Un Employement Deepening As a Result Demos, Strikes sweep Europe

JNN 17 Nov 2012 MADRID/LISBON – Police and protesters clashed in Spain and Italy on Wednesday as millions of workers went on strike across Europe to protest against spending cuts they say have made the economic crisis worse. Continue reading

Eurozone’s unemployment at record high amid debt crisis , Italian unemployment reached 13-year high in June

JNN 02 Aug 2012 Rome : The number of people unemployed across the 17 countries that share the euro currency has hit a record high in June, official figures show. While Italy has been Among the worst hit, the Italian youth have been hit hard as joblessness among the people aged 15 to 24 stood at 34.3 percent in June.  Continue reading

Euro zone unemployment hits record high

JNN 04 May 2012  LONDON — Record high unemployment for the 17 countries that use the euro is set to increase the pressure on Europe’s leaders to switch from a focus on austerity to a pro-growth strategy to stop the region from moving deeper into recession. Continue reading

Tens of thousands Protests over the economic crisis in Madrid

JNN 20 June 2011 MADRID  – Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Madrid on Sunday blaming bankers and politicians for causing a financial crisis that forced the country to adopt painful spending cuts.  Continue reading

Protest and Demonstration in Spain on the Egytian Pattern – Europe now taking lead from Egyptian Revolution

JNN 21 May 2011 : Mass protests in Spain against unemployment and tight austerity measures continue for a seventh consecutive day despite a pre-election ban on demonstrations. Continue reading

Muslim population on high rise in Spain

JNN 31 Jan 2011 : The Muslim population in Spain will grow by 82 percent by 2030 as the number of people converting to Islam has shown an increase over the past seven years, a new survey shows.

According to the survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Muslims currently account for just over 1 million of Spain’s overall population, which is expected to increase to about 1.9 million in the next two decades, a Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday. Continue reading