Turkish People still Protest , as the Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse the Protesters in Istanbul

Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas Water Cannons at ProtestersJNN 15 July 2013 ISTANBUL – Turkish police fired water cannon and tear gas on Saturday to disperse hundreds of protesters who gathered to march to Gezi Park, which has been at the heart of fierce unrest against Prime Minister Erdogan’s rule. Continue reading

Erdogan still in Defiant Mode , says ‘This will be over in 24 Hours as AI, HRW condemn crackdown on protesters

Turkish Protester in Taksim Square Tear GassedJNN 13 June 2013 Istanbul : The Turkish Prime Minister says protests at Taksim Square and Gezi Park “will be over in 24 hours.” This comes hours after Tayyip Erdogan met a group of activists, in an attempt to start dialog, and vowed to put an end to the gatherings. Continue reading

Thousands of Turkish Protesting against Erdogan Policies Brutally tear gassed in Istanbul

Turkish riot police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators during protest against destruction of trees in park brought about by pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central IstanbulJNN 01  June 2013 Istanbul : Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon on Friday at demonstrators in central Istanbul, wounding scores of people and prompting rallies in other cities in the fiercest anti-government protests in years. Continue reading

Protests continues around the world to Denounce the suppression of Bahraini Revolution

JNN 25 April 2011 : About one thousand Turkish people mainly Shia Muslims met in Taksim Square in order to condemn the  cruelty of the Dummy kings who have  Brutally crushed and  tortured Bahraini Population since 14 February. They also tried to convey their message to whole of the Muslim World. Continue reading