Dome of Hazrat Zainab’s Holy Shrine to Be Repaired Soon

Holy Shrine of Bibi ZainabJNN 28 July 2014 Damascus :  The dome Hazrat Zeynab (SA) holy shrine in Damascus, Syria, will be repaired. Continue reading

New Russian Law enables the Courts to Penalize the Loved Ones of the Terrorist

Viladmir Putin AngryJNN 07 Nov 2013 Moscow : Russian Duma has signed into law a bill that forces relatives of terrorists to pay for damage caused by their attacks. It also boosts penalties for launching, participating, or financing militant or terrorist groups. Continue reading

Terrorist carry out mass bomb attack in east Syria, while terrorist groups in Lebanon shell Syrian Army positions

Car-bomb-attack-jolts-Syria’s-Deir-al-ZourJNN 19 Mar 2013 Damascus : Foreign-backed Terrorist in Syria have carried out a huge car bomb attack and stormed a landmark building in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour. Terrorist groups inside Lebanon have shelled Syrian Army positions near the Lebanese border, where Damascus is beefing up its military forces, Press reports. Continue reading