Ramazan to Begin in Tunsia from June 29′ 2014

Ramazan MoonJNN 02 May 2014 Tunis : The Istihlal committee in Tunisia has announced that Sunday, June 29, will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in the country. Continue reading

Tunisian Islamist government accepts plan to step down in Pressure of secular

Tunisian Ennahda party official Lotfi ZitounJNN 01 Oct 2013 Tunis :Tunisia’s government has agreed to resign after upcoming negotiations with the secular opponents in a bid to put an end to the ongoing political impasse in the North African country. Continue reading

Wahabi Tunisian Women Defamed Islam Waging “ Jihad Al Nikah ” in Syria have returned Home Pregnant

Tunisian girls return home pregnant after ‘Jihad al-Nikah’ in SyriaJNN 21 Sept 2013 Tunis : Tunisian women who under the Influence of Wahabi / Salafi Jihadist have traveled to Syria to wage “ Jihad al Nikah” or  ‘sexual jihad’, which is performing sexual intercourse with dozens of Islamist fighters are returning home pregnant, Tunisia’s Interior Minister Lotfi ben Jeddou told MPs. Continue reading

Thousands protest in Tunis demanding ouster of the Salafi led government’s , while the Salafis threaten to Kill any one Opposing their Government

Tunisian Protest against the Salafi Led Government in TunisJNN 25 Aug 2013 Tunis : Thousands of protesters marched in Tunis Saturday, on the first day of a planned week-long campaign aimed at bringing down the Salafi -led government, amid political deadlock in the country. Continue reading

Salafi Wahabi Cleric Disgraces & Insult’s Tunisian Women by calling them Cheap Whores

Wahabi Salafi Cleric Khamis MejriJNN 26 July 2013 Tunis : The statements of Salafi cleric Khamis Mejri have angered Tunisians and prompted activists to launch a fierce Facebook campaign against him after he compared the Tunisian women to “a cheap product, whose honor can be purchased for the price of a sandwich.” Continue reading

Tunisia Back to the Revolution , as another Opposition Leader Shot Dead

Tunisian Oppostion Leader Brahmi KilledJNN 26 July 2013 Tunis : Tunisian opposition member Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in the capital Tunis on Thursday, six months after the murder of another secular leader sparked a national crisis. Thousands of secularists have poured on to the streets in protest. Continue reading

Saudi Man dies of Self Immolation , while the Religious Police closes down the Quran learning centers in Shiite Area

Saudi Poor Citizens Demand JusticeJNN 21 May 2013 RIYADH, – A Saudi Arabian vegetable seller, who set himself on fire in the capital Riyadh on Thursday to express discontent over social and economic injustices in the kingdom, has died. Continue reading

A female Bahraini Doctor reveals that she was sexually assaulted and tortured to extract false confession in Jail

Bahraini Dr. Fatima HajiJNN  06 Apr 2013 Manama : Dr. Fatima Haji A female Bahraini doctor says the Al Khalifa regime forces have ‘severely’ tortured her and several other doctors, who treated injured anti-regime protesters, in order to extract false confessions.  Continue reading

Tunisia Another Wahabi State , working against Shia Citizens

JNN 28 Sept 2011 : On the occasion of 5th General Assembly of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) World Assembly we was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with Shia figures who gathered together in Tehran, the capital of Iran.Our Correspondent have the chance to have an exclusive  interview with Hasan Bin Hamood Tunisian Shia figure about Shia communities detoriated conditions in his country. Continue reading

Longer you take to stand up against Injustice , the Bigger the Price you have to Pay

JNN 25 Aug 2011 : People should take lesson from this Photo only , which is not very old , Rather Just 10 Months Old , And any of these Dictators , with absolute Powers , Never thought that the next year , they can never think of enjoying the same ,People should also get lesson from this What a difference ten months can makes. May be World Powers Now , will no more be called even a country any more. Continue reading

Ousted Tunisia dictator Ben Ali trial begins in Tunisia

JNN 15 May 2011 , TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisia’s toppled dictator and his wife are facing charges of inciting violence in connection with a bloody crackdown following his January ouster, the official TAP news agency reported Wednesday. Continue reading

After Tunisia, Yemen Now Egyptians denounce Mubarak, clash with riot police

JNN 26 Jan 2011 CAIRO: Egyptian police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and beat protesters to clear thousands of people from a central Cairo square Wednesday after the biggest demonstrations in years against President Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian rule. Continue reading

Friday prayers in Tunisia after 50 years

JNN 24 Jan 2011 :Muslims of Tunisia Offered Friday prayers after  a gap of 50 years in different congregations in the capital Tunis  , due to the Ban on any Religious activity in the country  by the previous governments of the Tunisia , over throw of the Ben Ali regime was largely welcomed by the masses of the country.

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