Actual Peace in Middle East can be achieved , if the US & UN Sanction Israel over its Nukes as they did Iran over Enrichment

Israel's Nuclear Bomb Stock PileJNN 10 Apr 2015 Tel Aviv : There is a lot of talk about nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the ways in which an Iranian bomb would provoke Saudi Arabia and others to acquire nuclear warheads of their own. Continue reading

Buddhist Monks Rallies against Rohingya Muslims Right of Myanmar’s Citizenship

Buddhist Monks Rallies against Rohingya Muslim Right of Myanmars CitizenshipJNN 21 Jan 2015 Yangon :  Hundreds of protesters led by Buddhist monks rallied in Myanmar on Friday to denounce a visit by a human rights envoy of the United Nations, which has urged the government to grant citizenship to persecuted Rohingya Muslims. Continue reading

ISESCO urges for protection of Sri Lanka Muslims against Buddhists’ attacks

Sri Lankan Muslims shout slogans and carry placards during a protest against the government in ColomboJNN 18 June 2014 Colombo : The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) called on the United Nations and the international community to condemn attacks on Muslims in Sri Lanka by fanatical Buddhists led by monks demanding boycott of Muslims on racist grounds. Continue reading

Besieged Muslims face murder, starvation in C. African Republic town

General Mohamed Dhaffane, Interim President of the Ex-Seleka coalition talks to Seleka fighters in the town of BriaJNN 22 April 2014 Bangui : In normal times, the rickety wooden bridges at each end of the red-dirt main street in Boda were gateways to shops and a bustling market in the diamond-mining town in western Central African Republic. Continue reading

Polio Virus exported to Syria from Pakistan through Jihadi Terrorists

Polio Virus transmitted to Syria from Pakistan through Jihadi TerroristsJNN 27 Nov 2013 GENEVA  – Polio that has crippled at least 13 children in Syria has been confirmed as being caused by a strain of the virus that originated in Pakistan and is spreading across the Middle East, the World Health Organization said. Continue reading

‘MI6 Getting Ready to run $100bn Afghan drug (Heroin ) industry’

MI6 Head Quarter in Central LondonJNN 24 Oct 2013 Washington : A US political commentator says Britain’s foreign intelligence agency is planning to send more spies to Afghanistan to manage a $100-billion drug ( Heroin ) industry. Continue reading

Intl сhemical disarmament team begins destroying Syria arsenal, machinery

Syrian Govt Started Destroying Chemical Weapons in Presence of UN TeamJNN 8 Oct 2013 Damascus : The UN confirms chemical experts in Syria destroyed missile warheads, aerial bombs, and chemical mixing equipment on Sunday as they started eliminating the country’s chemical weapons. Continue reading

Terrorist Martyrs 16 members of a Shiite Family near Baghdad , Iraq

Iraqi Wahabi Terrorist Kill 16 ShiaJNN 6 Sept 2013 Baghdad : Gunmen Martyred at least 16 members of a Shi’ite Muslim family before blowing up their two neighbouring homes south of the Iraqi capital overnight, police and medics said. Continue reading

I m ready for the ‘ Limited ‘ Strike against Syria, Just need Authorization from the Congress – Obama

Obama decides US should attack SyriaJNN 1st Sept  2013 Washington : Barack Obama has filed a formal request seeking authorization from legislators to launch a “limited” strike on Syria, in response to US government’s allegation of use of chemical weapons by Syrian Forces. The president said the proposed strike was not “time-sensitive”. Continue reading

Iraq’s deadliest month in last five years May 2013

Iraq's Deadliest Month in 5 Years May 2013JNN 3 June 2013 BAGHDAD – More than 1,000 people were killed in violence in Iraq in May, making it the deadliest month since the sectarian slaughter of 2006-07, the United Nations reported on Saturday, stoking fears of a return to civil war. Continue reading

Rohingya Muslims face another Disaster, 100 feared Dead as Boat capsize in search of a Safe Heaven

Rohingya Muslims Boat CapsizesJNN 16 May 2013 Yangoon :  A boat carrying about 100 Rohingya Muslims capsized off western Myanmar and many were feared drowned at the beginning of a mass evacuation from low-lying regions ahead of a powerful storm, a United Nations official said on Tuesday. Continue reading

Taliban expecting record opium crop, As US not inclined to stop the Lucrative DrugTrade from Afghanistan


JNN 16 Apr 2013 Kabul : Illegal poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is expected to reach a record high this year. As NATO troops withdraw and the international aid effort winds down, the country’s economy is set to shrink, making other legal crops less attractive. Continue reading

450 Pakistanis Deported By Bahraini Govt after Being Kept Hostage & alleged torture

Pakistani Deported from Bahrain ProtestingJNN 19 Mar 2013 Karachi : At least 450 Pakistanis who were sent to Bahrain to join its army were deported back home on 14th March after allegedly being kept hostage for 19 months, Press reported on Thursday. Continue reading

Syrian Army Drives out Terrorist from Several Areas , who were engaged in destroying religious Sites

Syrian Army drives out TerroristJNN 25 Jan 2013 Damascus : The Syrian Army has managed to drive foreign-backed militants out of different locations in Syria , these foreign Terrorist are engaged in destroying and Looting Religious sites. Continue reading

New Peace Plan for Syrians, from Bashar Al Asad

Syrian President Bashar Al AsadJNN 07 Jan 2012 Damascus : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has outlined a new peace initiative that includes a national reconciliation conference, and the formation of a wide representative government which would then oversee new elections, a new constitution and general amnesty. Continue reading

Al Qaeda Backed Takfiri Wahabi Destroying mausoleums & Sending Death threats to Muslims in Mali

Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorist of Mali Ansar e DeenJNN 29 Dec 2012 Bamako: A tourism official says that Wahabi Terrorist under the Umbrella of US Sponsored Al Qaeda  destroyed four mausoleums in Timbuktu. Radical Wahabis controlling the north in Mali have sent death threats to several senior Muslim chiefs in the country, officials said on Thursday. Continue reading

55 killed, 400 injured in 'Suicide bombings' in Damascuss , CIA & Mossad pushing UN peace plan to verge of breaking down

JNN 12 May 2012 DAMASCUS – At least 55 people were killed and 370 others wounded when twin suicide bombings shook an intelligence complex in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Thursday, the latest in a string of bombings that has been pushing the UN- backed peace plan in Syria to the verge of breaking down. Continue reading

55 killed, 400 injured in ‘Suicide bombings’ in Damascuss , CIA & Mossad pushing UN peace plan to verge of breaking down

JNN 12 May 2012 DAMASCUS – At least 55 people were killed and 370 others wounded when twin suicide bombings shook an intelligence complex in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Thursday, the latest in a string of bombings that has been pushing the UN- backed peace plan in Syria to the verge of breaking down. Continue reading

Latest Protest in Norway & Germany against Shia Target Killing in Pakistan , But Pakistani government still Unawake

JNN 10 May 2012 Hamburg : A protest demonstration was held in Hamburg city of Germany on April 28 to condemn the genocide of Shia Muslims in Quetta city of Pakistan. Protesters were holding banners and placards with slogans urging the international community to take action and stop a genocide-in-making. Placards read “Stop Hazara (ethnic of Shia Muslims) Genocide” in German language. Continue reading

Suicide Blast Kills 10 ,injures 30 in Damascus

JNN 29 April 2012 Damascus : Suicide bombing has killed at least 10 people and injured nearly 30 outside a mosque in central Damascus. Three other smaller explosions have also been reported in the capital, killing 1 person. The explosions constitute another blow to a fraying UN-brokered truce between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and rebels fighting for his removal from power. Continue reading

US and West supporting insurgents to destabilize the Popular Government of Syria

JNN 09 Jan 2012 Damascus : At least 11 Syrian soldiers have been killed and 20 others wounded in clashes with gunmen in Dara’a province, south of the capital Damascus.Thousands of people have gathered at a mosque in the Syrian capital to perform funerary prayers for the victims of the bombing attacks that left 26 people dead. Continue reading

Mourning Syrians show their respect and support for Asad

JNN 24 Dec 2011 Beirut : Funerals for the 44 victims of twin car bombs in Damascus turned into a strong display of support on Saturday for President Bashar al-Assad, hailed by crowds of mourners who denounced the United States and its Arab allies for interfering in Syria. Continue reading

Palestinian President Formally Applies for the Statehood to the United Nation

JNN 24 Sept.2011 UNITED NATIONS – Palestine’s dramatic formal application on Friday for United Nations’ full recognition as a member state has already resulted in a date early next week for Security Council consultations and the diplomatic Quartet setting out a framework for negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. Continue reading

Upholding Lesbian & Gay Rights in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is Social and Religious Terrorism By US & UN both

JNN 25 July 2011Islamabad:  Religious parties and individuals have criticised a reported homosexuals’ get-together at the US embassy in Islamabad on Saturday 26th June 2011, and the US administration’s assurance to help them get their rights. Continue reading

Even after 100Days Nato Air Strikes Gaddafi still in Power & Strong , and still revives his offer of Election to end the crisis

JNN 27 June 2011 : In March, Benghazi, Libya’s second city, seemed close to annihilation at the hands of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He had promised to exact retribution from his citizens for their temerity in seeking freedom from his 40-year dictatorship. Influenced by the memory of Kosovo and backed by the Arab League, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1973. It authorized the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya. It also instructed that “all necessary measures” should be taken to protect civilians under threat of attack.  Continue reading

Angry Protester on Desecration of Quran in US, Attack & Kill 8 UN Gaurds in Afghanistan

JNN 01 Apr 2011 : At least eight foreigners were among the dead after attackers took out security guards, burned parts of the compound and climbed up blast walls to topple a guard tower, said Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, a police spokesman for the northern region. Continue reading