New York Jury Convicts Wahabi Cleric on 11 Counts of Terrorism

Abu Hamza faces US terror trialJNN 20 May 2014 New York : A jury found Egyptian-born cleric Abu Hamza Al-Masri guilty of 11 terrorism related charges Monday afternoon in a New York City courtroom, paving the way for a potential life sentence. Continue reading

Egyptian Wahabi Cleric issues fatwa “ It is Ok if the WIFE IS RAPED , as long as the HUSBAND IS SAVED ”.

Egyptian Wahabi Cleric Yaseer Borhamy Allows to save Life at the Cost of Wife being RapedJNN 02 May 2013 Cairo : An Egyptian Wahabi / Salafist preacher has issued a fatwa – an Islamic legal opinion – according to which rape is like robbery and a husband should not risk his life protecting his wife’s honor from another man. Continue reading