East Coast States Under Worst Snow Blizzards , US at Halt

US East Coast States Under Worst Snow Blizzards 2016 Times Squaure , NYJNN 24 Jan 2016 New York : New York City and Long Island were under a travel ban Saturday, including all transit from New Jersey bridges and tunnels into and out of the city as a deadly blizzard left major cities, roadways and airports along the East Coast largely immobilized. Continue reading

One Dead, Two hurt as Vehicle tries to Ram U.S. Spy Agency Gates

Video grab shows aerial view of shooting scene at the National Security Agency at Fort Meade in MarylandUS JNN 31 Mar 2015 Washington : Two people tried to run their vehicle through the National Security Agency’s gates near Washington on Monday before guards at the spy agency fatally shot one of them, said officials, who added there was no evidence of a link to terrorism. Continue reading

ISIL was created by funding from US and its Allies : US General

Retired US General Wesley ClarkJNN 26 Feb 2015 Washington : A retired U.S. General has acknowledged that Washington’s allies created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to confront the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. Continue reading

Lost US Military Hardware worth $420mn , supplied to Create ISIS to fulfil Evil Designs in the Middle East and the World

US Military Hardware Lost in Afghanistan , Forund with ISISJNN 09 Nov 2014 Kabul : How does the military lose half a billion dollars worth of equipment in one year? That’s the question Pentagon auditors are asking after it was revealed that US military equipment worth $420 million went missing in action in Afghanistan last year. Continue reading

China Signs 30-year Deal for Russian Natural Gas , worth US$400 Billion

China Russia Sign Natural Gas Deal , Worth US$400 BillionJNN 23 May 2014 SHANGHAI — China signed a landmark $400 billion deal Wednesday to buy natural gas from Russia, binding Moscow more closely to Beijing at a time when President Vladimir Putin’s relations with the West have deteriorated to the lowest point ever. Continue reading

Hollywood’s Upcoming Movie ‘Noah’ banned in Arab world, Before Release

Noah - The MovieJNN 12 Mar 2014 Washington :  Three Arab countries have banned the Hollywood film “Noah” on religious grounds even before its worldwide premiere and several others are expected to follow suit, a representative of Paramount Pictures told Reuters on Saturday. Continue reading

US Default Once Again Delayed , While Chinese Yuan Ready to void the US$

US Debt DefaultJNN 18 Oct 2013 Washingoton: President Obama and Congress have signed off on extending the debt ceiling through to February. The new legislation only temporarily solves the US budget dispute, begging the question if America will ever limit its borrowing. Continue reading

Africa – The New Wahabi Terrorist Training Ground

African Wahabi TerroristJNN 09 Oct 2013 Gao :  Last year, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb did something no other modern terrorist group has: conquered a broad swath of a sovereign country—Mali. Since then, despite French intervention, northern Mali has become a jihadist front, with Islamist militants flowing in from around the world. While America remains focused on threats from the Middle East and South Asia, the new face of terror is likely to be African.  Continue reading

Rome Once again falling Down – US Federal Government Shutdown an Indicator for Dependents Economies

US Federal Govt. Shutdown No FundsJNN 3 Oct 2013 WASHINGTON  — The ongoing partial federal government shutdown and fiscal uncertainties are dampening American economic recovery, and a default on U.S. debt payments would have “immediate and substantial” negative effects on the country’s economy that would be difficult to quickly reverse, said David Stockton, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE). Continue reading

US stance on Iran changed , Democrats Propose Bill for Political engagement

Barbara LeeJNN 21 Feb 2013 Washington DC : The Democrats in the US House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would demand the government establish a diplomatic envoy to Iran in an attempt to deal with Tehran’s nuclear energy program. Continue reading

Tehran rejects direct talks with US till ‘You’re holding a gun against Iran’

Irani Supreme Leader Ayatollah. ali-khameneiJNN 8 Feb 2013 Tehran : Iran’s supreme leader has refused a US offer for one-to-one talks over Tehran’s supposed nuclear weapons program. He dismissed talks as meaningless and accused Washington of coercing Iran at gunpoint. Continue reading

After USSR now USA on the verge of Disintegration on the same Pattern – Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail GorbachevJNN 18 Dec 2012 Istanbul : The last head of state of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned the U.S. of an imminent Soviet-like collapse if Washington persists with its hegemonic policies.  Continue reading

Obama Wins 2nd Term in White House , But Real Tough times ahead

JNN 10 Nov 2012 WASHINGTON – Fresh from a decisive re-election win, President Barack Obama returns from the campaign trail on Wednesday with little time to savor victory, facing urgent economic challenges, a looming fiscal showdown and a still-divided Congress able to block his every move. Continue reading

US Delisted Terror Network Mujahideen e Khalq ( MKO ) from its Black List to put Iranian Govt under Pressure


JNN 02 Oct 2012 Washington : The US has removed the dissident Iranian group Mujahideen-e Khalq Organisation (MKO) from its terror blacklist.A group with a history of bombings and murders, including the killing of US citizens, which also happens to oppose the current Iranian government, has paid its way off of a US blacklist. Continue reading

Pakistani & US Interests in different Directions , reconciliation a long way

JNN 26 June 2012 WASHINGTON The U.S.-Pakistan relationship appeared to be heading towards a head-on collision as a U.S. general blamed Friday’s deadly attack on a Kabul hotel on FATA-based militants and the White House vowed to take the steps needed to mitigate this threat. Continue reading

Activists to launch anti-Israeli ads in US

JNN 25 Dec 2010 : A group of US peace activists have planned to launch a campaign to condemn the Zionist regime crimes against Palestinians and to protest Washington’s support for Tel Aviv.

According to AFP, the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign decided to plaster anti-Israel ads on the sides of 12 local commuter buses starting Monday, on the third anniversary of the start of Israel’s war against the Gaza Strip.

“Israeli war crimes: your tax dollars at work,” has been written on the buses with pictures of Palestinian children standing around a demolished building.

The Zionist regime offensive against the coastal enclave, which began in December 2008, killed more than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

Seattle activist Ed Mast said he was protesting a 2007 promise by the United States to give 30 billion dollars in military aid to Israel over the next decade.