2 Saudi Soldiers Killed , 4 Boats & a Tank Destroyed by Yemeni Forces

Ansarallah forces in Yemen

JNN 07 Feb 2016 Sanaa : At least two Saudi soldiers have reportedly been killed in separate retaliatory attacks by Yemeni forces against the kingdom’s southwestern border regions of Najran and Asir. Continue reading

Yemeni Forces Missile Attack kills atleast 120 Saudi led Aggressors , destroys Expensive Military Hardware

Yemeni Kills 120 Saudi Aggresors , destroys expensive Military HardwareJNN 24 Jan 2016 Sanaa : The Yemeni Army and Popular Ansarullah forces’ missile attack on a Saudi-led Aggression command center in Ma’rib killed over 120 mercenaries, including the Saudi, UAE and US officers.
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Yemeni Missile Attack Kills 66 Saudi Officers, Destroys 17 Fighter Jets, 9 Apache Helicopters

Yemeni Missilles Hit Saudi Air BasesJNN 19 Oct 2015 Damascus : The Yemeni army and popular forces hit a strategic military air base in Asir province in Southern Saudi Arabia with Scud missiles, killing tens of high-ranking Saudi officers and commanders and destroying over two dozen F-15 fighter jets and Apache helicopters. Continue reading

103 Saudi Coalition troops Killed in Al Safer , Yemeni Forces gives 72 Hrs Ultimatum for Clearance

Yemeni forces gives 72 Hours Ultimatum to Saudi forcesJNN 05 Aug 2015 Sanaa : A top Yemeni tribal source said the bodies of 103 foreign troopers have been recovered from a military airport in the Central Yemeni province of Ma’rib, where they came under a rocket attack by Yemeni army forces and allied Popular Committees. Continue reading

Yemeni Forces Capture More than Dozen Saudi Border Posts , Shoots Down Apache Helicopter

Yemeni forces Shoots Down Saudi ChoperJNN 07 May 2015 Sanaa : Yemeni tribal forces have gained control of about 17 Saudi military posts Till today in retaliation for the Saudi army’s blind artillery pounding of their regions. At the same time The Popular Yemeni Forces have also Shot down an Apache Helicopter used by Saudi Led Aggressive Forces. Continue reading