Tunisian Islamist government accepts plan to step down in Pressure of secular

Tunisian Ennahda party official Lotfi ZitounJNN 01 Oct 2013 Tunis :Tunisia’s government has agreed to resign after upcoming negotiations with the secular opponents in a bid to put an end to the ongoing political impasse in the North African country. Continue reading

Thousands protest in Tunis demanding ouster of the Salafi led government’s , while the Salafis threaten to Kill any one Opposing their Government

Tunisian Protest against the Salafi Led Government in TunisJNN 25 Aug 2013 Tunis : Thousands of protesters marched in Tunis Saturday, on the first day of a planned week-long campaign aimed at bringing down the Salafi -led government, amid political deadlock in the country. Continue reading

Tunisia Back to the Revolution , as another Opposition Leader Shot Dead

Tunisian Oppostion Leader Brahmi KilledJNN 26 July 2013 Tunis : Tunisian opposition member Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in the capital Tunis on Thursday, six months after the murder of another secular leader sparked a national crisis. Thousands of secularists have poured on to the streets in protest. Continue reading

Longer you take to stand up against Injustice , the Bigger the Price you have to Pay

JNN 25 Aug 2011 : People should take lesson from this Photo only , which is not very old , Rather Just 10 Months Old , And any of these Dictators , with absolute Powers , Never thought that the next year , they can never think of enjoying the same ,People should also get lesson from this What a difference ten months can makes. May be World Powers Now , will no more be called even a country any more. Continue reading

Ousted Tunisia dictator Ben Ali trial begins in Tunisia

JNN 15 May 2011 , TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisia’s toppled dictator and his wife are facing charges of inciting violence in connection with a bloody crackdown following his January ouster, the official TAP news agency reported Wednesday. Continue reading

Saudi King Partnership with Zionist Giants to Buy Facebook to save his Monarchy

JNN 24 Mar 2011 : The existing social networks on the internet can no longer be reliable platforms for organizing anti-government uprisings, because zionist corporate cartels are beginning to own them, a political analyst says. Continue reading