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Germany Grants Licence for First Islamic Bank

JNN 30 Mar 2015 Berlin : The first fully operational Islamic bank is set to open in Germany this summer, German media reports.

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Saudia Arabian Jets Bomb Unarmed Yemeni Civilians , Defying the Sovereignity of an Independent Country

JNN 27 Mar 2015 Riyadh : Saudi Arabian forces, joined by nine other countries, have launched a military operation in Yemen against Shiite Houthi rebels, the Saudi ambassador to the … Continue reading

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Unrestricted Use of Unfair Means & Cheating in High School Exams Unveils the Education Standards In Bihar , India

JNN 23 Mar 2015 Delhi : Images of Indian students blatantly cheating on school-leaving examinations under the noses of supervisors have gone viral, inviting ridicule on Twitter and exposing flaws … Continue reading

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Islamic State recruits 400 children since January , as Elders Avoiding it

JNN 24 Mar 2015 Damascus :  Islamic State has recruited at least 400 children in Syria in the past three months and given these so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate” military training … Continue reading

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15 Shia Houthi Fighters and 9 Pro Fugitive President Militants Killed in Clashes

JNN 24 Mar 2015 Sanaa : Thirty people have been killed in fresh clashes between Ansarullah fighters and forces loyal to the fugitive President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi in Bayda … Continue reading

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Syrian Army Kills Atleast 19 Takfiri Terrorists in Different Operations , In response to 12 Civilian Casualties

JNN 24 Mar 2015 Damascus :  Units of the Syrian army and the armed forces on Monday launched wide-scale military operations against the Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, killing … Continue reading

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Babri Masjid Massacre Revisited – Mosques are not Religious Places , so can be demolished Any time – Indian Hindu Leader

JNN 23 Mar 2015 ASSAM –A leader of the far-right Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has triggered a new controversy with his statement that mosques and churches are not … Continue reading

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Bahraini Forces Attack Peaceful Shia Protesters

JNN 23 Mar 2015 Manama : Bahraini security forces on Monday attacked anti-regime protesters marking the death anniversary of two people killed in regime crackdown.

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Nearly all Mosques Destroyed by Christian terrorists in CAR

JNN 22 Mar 2015 Bangui : Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic (CAR) have been destroyed by months of deadly sectarian violence.

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IS Terrorist Destroying Churches in Line with the Edict given by the Saudi Grand Mufti

JNN 21 Mar 2015 Riyadh: The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Peninsula, claiming that the move is in line … Continue reading

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142 Shia Houthis Matyred During Friday Prayers by Suicide Bombers of IS Terrorists Group in Sanaa, Yemen

JNN 21 Mar 2015 Sanaa : At least 142 people were killed and 351 were wounded when suicide bombers blew themselves up at two mosques attended by Shiite worshipers in … Continue reading

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UK Witnesses Best Solar Eclipse of 2015 , A Day Before the Navroz Festival

JNN 20 Mar 2015 London : Millions of people in the UK and northern Europe have glimpsed the best solar eclipse in years.

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Signs of fissures and Break up appear Within ISIL Terrorist Group

JNN 26 Feb 2015 Baghdad : As the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group tries to expand and take root across the Middle East, it is … Continue reading

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World Poorest But Generous Commando President Steps Down in Uruguay

JNN 03 March 2015 : Uruguay’s president, Jose “Pepe” Mujica, a former guerrilla who lives on a farm and gives most of his salary to charity, is stepping down after … Continue reading

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2 Shia Houthis Martyred in a Suicide attack by Wahabi Al Qaeda Terrorists , as Saudi and US tries to Divide and Create Unrest in Yemen

JNN 05 Mar 2015 Sanaa : Two suicide bombers killed at least two Houthi fighters in central Yemen on Tuesday, security sources said, highlighting the foreign Interference in the internal … Continue reading

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Iraqi force along with Shia Militias and Irani Commanders all set to Recapture Tikrit from IS Terrorists

JNN 04 Mar 2015 Baghdad : Iraqi forces along with Shia Militias and Irani Commanders have continued their offensive to retake the city of Tikrit, seized by the Islamic State … Continue reading

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Venezuela Imposes Compulsory Visas for all US Citizens, Bans for Bush & Cheney

JNN 01 Mar 2015 Caracas: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a new mandatory visa requirement for all Americans visiting the country. The leader also called to review and downsize the … Continue reading

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ISIL was created by funding from US and its Allies : US General

JNN 26 Feb 2015 Washington : A retired U.S. General has acknowledged that Washington’s allies created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to confront the … Continue reading

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Irani , Egyptian , UAE , French & Algerian Embassies Attacked , Atleast 40 People Killed in Car Bombs in Libya

JNN 25 Feb 2015 Tripoli  : More than 40 people were killed and 70 injured in car bomb explosions in the eastern Libyan city of Qubbah (El Gubba, Quba) on … Continue reading

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Conversion to Islam on the Rise in France and US

JNN 25 Feb 2015 Tehran : An American lady, “Elina Emily”, converted to Islam in Imam Reza (AS) holy Shrine on Thursday, and then adopted Zaynab as her new name.

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ISIS Terrorists Destroy Holy Shrines , Virgin Mary’s Church and Central Library of Mosul, Iraq

JNN 23 Feb 2015 Baghdad : In the latest pictures released by ISIS takfiri terrorists it is seen that the takfiri group has blown up the Holy Shrines belonging to … Continue reading

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Bahrain’s Shia Majority Protest Against Assault on Shia Cleric

JNN 23 Feb 2015 Manama : Bahrainis staged a rally in solidarity with Sheikh Ali Hafsay, who was attacked and beaten by the regime forces during an anti-government protest in … Continue reading

February 23, 2015 · 1 Comment

Dubai’s Marina Torch, One of World’s tallest Residential Buildings on Fire

JNN 22 Feb 2015 Dubai : A fire erupted early Saturday morning at the Marina Torch in Dubai, the 79-floor skyscraper that is among the world’s tallest residential buildings

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Wahabi Boko Haram Terrorists kills 30 in Adamawa village , Nigeria

JNN 22 Feb 2015 Abuja : The members of the Boko Haram Wahabi Sect are said to have attacked Gaya Village in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State in … Continue reading

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3 Shia Men Martyred in the 4th Terrorist Attack by TTP Terrorists in 45 Days of the New Year

JNN 19 Feb 2015 RAWALPINDI: Three Shia Men were Martyred and several injured in an attack By a Wahabi Suicide Bomber in a Mosque adjacent to the Imambargah Qasre Sakina … Continue reading

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Grand Ayatullah Sistani Issues Edict for Shia Volunteers Waging Jihad against Takfiri IS Terrorists

JNN 17 Feb 2015 Najaf : The most powerful leader of Shias in Iraq, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Al-Sistani has issued a powerful statement to the Shia resistance volunteer fighters in … Continue reading

February 17, 2015 · 1 Comment

U can Virtually Live forever – Robots taking over Human work force at an Alarming Rate

JNN 02 Feb 2015 Washington : An Artificial Intelligence pioneer is embracing the controversial idea of uploading the memories, thoughts and feelings of a living person into a computer to … Continue reading

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Atleast 22 Shia Namazi Martyred offering Friday Prayer by terrorists of TTP in Peshawar , Pakistan

PESHAWAR: At least 22 Shia Namazi were Martyred and 50 others injured during an Highly Sophisticated Armed attack at Jama Masjid of Shia Sect in Peshawar’s Hayatabad area when Heavily … Continue reading

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3 Young Muslims Killed in Cold Blood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina , US

JNN 13 Feb 2015 Carolina : A family of three young Muslims has been shot dead in their home in a quiet neighbourhood of North Carolina in the US.

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Who is Salman Bin Adbul Aziz ? What is his Role in Nurturing Wahabi Terrorist Nurseries Around the World ?

JNN 08 Feb 2015 New York : Zacarias Moussaoui a former agent of al-Qaeda who imprisoned for suspected to be one of 9/11 hijackers, describes to plaintiffs’ lawyers of family … Continue reading

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Story of Love and Sprituality : Why an Established Devote Hindu Composer of India , AS Dilip Kumar converted to Islam as A.R.Rehman

JNN 29 Jan 2015 Chennai: India’s Oscar winning music director Allahrakha Rahman ( A.R.Rehman ) has described how he and his mother opted for Sufi Islam, after the untimely death of … Continue reading

February 7, 2015 · 1 Comment

IS Terrorists threatens to attack France , calls their French Comrades to support attacks

JNN 06 Feb 2015 Paris : The Islamic State has reportedly threatened France with more attacks and called for French Muslims to join the new “caliphate.” A new video by … Continue reading

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Iran successfully sends 4th Satellite , ” Fajr ” into space

JNN 3 Feb 2015 TEHRAN – Iran on Monday sent its fourth domestically manufactured satellite, Fajr (Dawn), into orbit to mark the second day of the national ceremonies marking the 36th … Continue reading

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African Union calls for Boycott of Zionist Regime of Israel

JNN 05 Feb 2015 Djibouti – Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Youssef on Tuesday called on the African Union to opt for “firm and clear” decisions in favor of the Palestinian … Continue reading

February 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

Holy Quran a Best Seller in France after the Publication of Blasphemous Cartoons

JNN 03 Feb 2015 Paris  – Following the publication of cartoons desecrating Islamic sanctities in France, the Noble Quran and books about Islam are becoming a best-seller in the country.

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World Hijab Day Observed all over the World

JNN 04 Feb 2015 Cairo :  As the clock ticks towards the launch of the World Hijab Day event, several Muslim organizations across the world announced plans to mark the … Continue reading

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Shia Houthi’s Ansarullah Militia Demands annexation of Militia with Regular Army & Police of Yemen

JNN 04 Feb 2015 Sanaa : Yemen’s Ansarullah (Shia Houthis) movement who overran the capital, Sanaa, are demanding their militia becomes part of the country’s army and police force as … Continue reading

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Militants Robs Jordanian Embassy in Tripoli , Libya

JNN 04 Feb 2015 TRIPOLI — Unidentified gunmen on Saturday robbed the Jordanian embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli and kidnapped a security guard, according to a security source.

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Bahrain’s Shia Majority Opposition Leader’s Trial Ends

JNN 03 Feb 2015 Manama – The trial of prominent Bahraini opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman concluded in Manama. During the trial on Wednesday morning, the Shiite leader denied all … Continue reading

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Irani Answer to “Charlie Hebdo” Blasphemous Cartoons is to hold ‘Holocaust Denial’ Cartoon Competition

JNN 3 Feb 2015 Tehran : An Iranian educational and exhibition center has launched an international cartoon competition around the theme of holocaust denial, in a response to the publication … Continue reading

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Shia Pilgrims Martyred in Terrorist Attack in Damascus

JNN 03 Feb 2015 Damascus  – At least six Shia pilgrims were martyred and 20 injured in a terrorist bombing on Sunday afternoon in central Damascus.

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European , Australian & American Men & Women Joining the Takfiri Radical groups

JNN 29 Jan 2015 Brussels : The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has announced that at least one hundred Swedish nationals have joined the ranks of the ISIL Takfiri Terrorist group, … Continue reading

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Indian Muslim Population rose by 24 percent in the first Decade of 21st Century

JNN 29 Jan 2015 New Delhi : Muslim population in India has grown by 24 per cent between 2001 and 2011 against national average of 18 per cent with the … Continue reading

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Atleast 61 Shiite Martyred during Juma Prayers in a Suicide Blast at Shikarpur , Pakistan

JNN 31 Jan 2015 Karachi : At least 61 people were Martyred in a Suicide Blast  at a crowded Shi’ite Jama Masjid Karbala e Maula  in Pakistan during Friday prayers, the latest … Continue reading

January 31, 2015 · 1 Comment

4 Israeli soldiers killed , several injured in Hezbollah’s Retaliatory Missile attack near Sheeba Farms, Lebanon

JNN 28 Jan 2015 Beirut : Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah,targeted an Israeli convoy of nine vehicles in occupied Shebaa Farms on Wednesday, killing 4 Soldiers and injuring a large number … Continue reading

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