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2 Sisters Sentenced to Rape & Humiliation By Indian Local Council

JNN 31 Aug 2015 Delhi : Over 60,000 people signed an Amnesty International UK’s petition demanding the government intervene in the case of two Indian sisters sentenced to rape and … Continue reading

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11 Killed, 219 Injured in Saudi Arabia Residential Complex Fire

JNN 31 Aug 2015 Riyadh  – At least 11 people were killed and 219 injured in Saudi Arabia Sunday when a fire broke out at a residential complex housing employees … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple Land allocated By UAE Monarchy

JNN 26 Aug 2015 Dubai  : The Indian government has lauded a decision by the United Arab Emirates to allocate land for the building of the first Hindu temple in … Continue reading

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Muslims’ Role Highlighted in India’s Independence

JNN 23 Aug 2015 Delhi : India’s Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala will inaugurate an Independence remembrance meeting organized by the Thiruvananthapuram-based Khatheeb’s and Qazi Forum at Highland Auditorium, Thampanoor on … Continue reading

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Oil Settles Below $39 a Barrel for the First Time Since Feb. 2009

JNN 26 Aug 2015 NEW YORK—Oil prices plunged to fresh six-year lows Monday on concerns about a slowdown in Chinese demand and growing crude-oil supplies in the U.S.

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Forced Jihad ul Nikah ( Adultery )  Leads to AIDS infections to 16 IS Terrorists , IS Terrorists Destroying World Heritage

JNN 25 Aug 2015 Damascus : After contracting HIV from two Moroccan sex slaves who have Joined the IS Terrorists for Jihad Ul Nikah after which  the ISIS terrorist group … Continue reading

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Yemeni Missile Shoots Down Saudi Apache Chopper in Jizan

JNN 24 Aug 2015 Sanaa : The Yemeni army and popular forces shot down a Saudi military helicopter with a surface-to-air missile in the province of Jizan, in Southern Saudi … Continue reading

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150 IS terrorist Killed , Samarra Island recaptured by Iraqi forces , IS No.2 Killed , IS terrorist using Chemical Weapons

JNN 24 Aug 2015 Damascus : Iraqi Defense Ministry Spokesman Yahya Abdul Rasoul said that the country’s army men stormed the ISIL Takfiri terrorists’ centers and retook full control over … Continue reading

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Mughal Era Copy of Holy Quran recovered by Indian Police

JNN 22 Aug 2015 Delhi : 410-year-old copy of the Holy Quran dating back to Mughal ruler Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar’s period has been recovered by the Indian police in the … Continue reading

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Ansarullah Forces Arrest Ethiopian IS Terrorists Disguised as Women’s in Sanaa , Yemen

JNN 15 Aug 2015 Sanaa : An Ansarullah security official said on Friday that the country’s intelligence and popular forces have arrested a Saudi-linked group of Ethiopian men who attempted … Continue reading

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Iraqi Forces With Joint efforts of Shia Militia Win Back Another Strategic Region , Besiege ISIL terrorists

JNN 14 Aug 2015 Baghdad : The Iraqi army and popular forces continued their advances in the Western parts of Iraq, and seized back a strategic region in the city … Continue reading

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Atleast 1,200 Militants Surrender , due to Lighting Offensive by Syrian Army

JNN 14 Aug 2014 Damascus : Hundreds of foreign-backed militants surrendered to the government troops in Al-Qalamoun region in Damascus countryside, Syria’s National Reconciliation Committee announced on Friday.

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Christian Pastor embraces Islam , Church Changed into a Mosque

JNN 13 Aug 2015 Niger :  Changing his popular church to a mosque, a Nigerian pastor has embraced Islam and took Shahadah, attributing his reversion to a divine encounter he … Continue reading

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New Virus Created that can Completely Wreck Apple Computers

 JNN 06 Aug 2015 New York : Two security consultants have created a new computer worm, the Thunderstrike 2, that attacks the core hardware of a Mac computer once unleashed. … Continue reading

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No More Secular India , as Radical Hindu Dis Regards Muslims & Other Minorities

JNN 09 Aug 2015 MUMBAI – A leader of a far-right Hindu group has called on the government to revoke the voting rights of Indian Muslims, drawing criticism from the … Continue reading

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IS Terrorist Suicide attack on Prayers at a Mosque for Saudi forces kills 15

JNN 08 Aug 2015 RIYADH: A blast probably triggered by a suicide bomber killed 15 people on Thursday at a mosque inside a special forces headquarters in Saudi Arabia near … Continue reading

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UN authenticates SEX SLAVE Price List of IS , US$165 for a Child

JNN 06 Aug 2015 Washington : After circulating for almost a year, the UN has finally confirmed the authenticity of the Islamic State Sex Price list being offered to their … Continue reading

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Yemeni Forces In Coalition with Ansarullah Capture Strategic Saudi Military Base in Jizan

JNN 04 July 2015 Sanaa : The Yemeni army and popular forces seized a strategic military base in Jizan province on Sunday.

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U.A.E Under the threat of ISIS , 41 Recurits apprehended trying to establish a Caliphate

JNN 03 July 2015 Dubai : The United Arab Emirates is to try 41 people for allegedly Planning to overthrow the government to set up an “Islamic State” group-style “caliphate” … Continue reading

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Inexperienced Young DM Pushing Saudi Arabia into another War with Kuwait

JNN 03 July 2015 Riyadh : Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman threatened to launch war on Kuwait after differences between the two Persian Gulf Arab states escalated over Khafji … Continue reading

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Italian Youth Unemployment exceeds 44%, National Debt Reaches Record High US$2.43 Trillion

JNN 08 July 2015 Milan : Youth unemployment has increased to 44.2 percent in June, according to the Italian national statistics office. It’s the highest level since 1977 and about … Continue reading

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Taliban Confirms ” Mullah Omar’s ” Death , Chooses New Supreme Leader

JNN 31 July 2015 Kabul : The Taliban on Thursday evening officially confirmed the death of their leader Mullah Omar as militants said Omar died of “sickness”, citing family members.

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Malik Ishaq Founder of LeJ & SSP Terrorist Organisations , with 2 Sons & 11 other accomplices Killed in encounter in Muzzaffargarh, Pakistan

JNN 29 July 2015 LAHORE : Malik Ishaq, chief of banned Sectarian Terrorist outfit Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, his two sons Usman and Haq Nawaz, and 11 attackers were killed in an alleged … Continue reading

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Prominent Shia Cleric Protesting against Corruption in Waqf Board arrested in Lucknow , India

JNN 28 July 2015 Lucknow : Prominent Shia cleric and Imam-e-Juma of Asafi mosque, Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, Brother of Prominent Shia Cleric Kalbe Sadiq was arrested along with several of … Continue reading

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Muslims Protests across the World on the Destruction of ” Jannat Ul Baqee ” the Most Sacred Muslim Graveyards By the House of Saud

JNN 29 July 2015 Riyadh : On 8th Shawwal, Wednesday, in the year 1345 AH (April 21, 1925 A.D ), mausoleums in Jannatul al-Baqi (holy city of Medina) were demolished … Continue reading

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US Lies exposed as Iraqi Tribal leader & Volunteers Rejects US Claims of Help in gains against ISIL

JNN 26 July 2015 Baghdad : An Iraqi tribal leader underlined that the Arab country’s tribesmen have not received any help from the US in their ongoing fight against the … Continue reading

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Moscow Becoming Europe’s Largest City with Muslim Population

JNN 25 July 2015 Moscow : Though turning more hostile to Muslims, Moscow has witnessed major `Eid Al-Fitr prayer in which more than 60,000 gathered for prayers at the golden-domed … Continue reading

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Atleast 508 ISIL Terrorists Killed By Syrian & Iraqi Forces in Nineveh & Raqqa Provinces

JNN 21 July 2015 Damascus : At least 400 ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian artillery attacks on a building known as al-Servat al-Hayvanieh which was ISIL’s command center. … Continue reading

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Cuban Flag flies in Washington after 54 years as Diplomatic Ties Restored

JNN 21 July 2015 Washington : The United States and Cuba have formally commenced their full diplomatic missions after 54 Years , On Monday after restoration of ties.

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Eid Ul Fitr Celebrated across the World

JNN 19 July 2015 : Muslims around the world are celebrating the three-day Eid al-Fitr festival, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. with group prayers and … Continue reading

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Terrorist attack at US Military Site , Atleast 4 Marines Killed at Tennessee , US

JNN 17 July 2015 Tennessee : Shootings occurred at two military recruiting centers in southeastern Tennessee leaving five people dead, including the gunman, with three others wounded. One person is … Continue reading

July 19, 2015 · 1 Comment

Iran & G5+1 finally reached Deal , Making way for Sanctions to be Lifted

JNN 17 July 2014 Vienna : Iran and six major world powers reached a nuclear deal on Tuesday, capping more than a decade of negotiations with an agreement that could … Continue reading

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If Syria Falls, Palestine Will Fall: Hassan Nasrallah

JNN 13 July 2015 Beirut : Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah, reaffirmed the Lebanese resistance movement’s support for the Syrian fight against terrorism, saying that if Syria … Continue reading

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57,000 Americans will loose Jobs , Due to cut in US Defence Budget

JNN 10 July 2015 Washington : Under the plan the Army will have 450,000 soldiers at the end of the 2017 budget year, its smallest number since before the United … Continue reading

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Youm e Ali commemorated with Religious Fervor across Pakistan

JNN 10 July 2015 Karachi : Youm-e-Ali, the martyrdom day of the First Imam Hazrat Ali (A,S), was observed amid tight security across the Pakistan.

July 11, 2015 · 1 Comment

” Lailatul Qadr ” – The Most Important Night of all Nights in the Islamic Calendar

JNN 08 July 2015 : The Holy Month of Ramzan is the Holiest Month of all the Month of the Islamic Calendar , and above all the Most important thing … Continue reading

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Sunni & Shia Muslims Perform Friday Prayers United in Kuwait & Bahrain

JNN 06 July 2015 Kuwait : Hundreds of Shia and Sunni Muslims prayed for National Unity at Kuwait’s Grand Mosque on Friday, vowing to block any attempt to stir sectarian … Continue reading

July 6, 2015 · 1 Comment

Syrian Forces with Hezbollah fighters start Advancing towards Al Zobdani

JNN 04 July 2015 Damascus :  The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah forces started fresh operations against the Takfiri terrorists in Al-Qalamoun region by advancing towards the town of … Continue reading

July 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

Wahabi Al Khalifa forces Raids Shia Sect Mosque in Manama

JNN 02 July 2015 Manama: Mercenary forces affiliated to the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain stormed a mosque in the capital Manama on Tuesday.

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Arabian Revolutionary forces took control of the Saudi Arabia’s Najran Airport

JNN 03 July 2015 Sanaa : The Revolutionaries within Saudi Arabia opposing Saudi Arabia aggression on Yemen , ‘Ahrar al-Najran’, took control of the airport of the Southern city Saudi … Continue reading

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Iran Brings Back Home 13 Tons of Solid Gold , Frozen Due to Sanctions

JNN 04 July 2015 Tehran : Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif announced that Iran’s frozen gold Consignments purchased from South Africa have been released and returned … Continue reading

July 3, 2015 · 1 Comment

Homelessness on the Rise in UK , Hits 7 years High

JNN 27 June 2015 London: England’s homelessness crisis has reached its worst levels since 2008, with 65,000 households forced into temporary accommodation, new figures reveal.

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Pakistani Analyst Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Critisizing the Wahabi Monarchy

JNN 01 July 2015 Riyadh : Pakistani analyst and commentator Zaid Hamid has been sentenced for eight years in jail and 1,000 lashes by a Saudi court for criticising the … Continue reading

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Bickering Saudi Monarchy on the Brink of Disaster, due to infighting among the Al e Saud Hiers

JNN 18 June 2015 Riyadh : Mujtahid A Saudi Politcal Activist quoted Prince Saud Bin Seif Al-Nasr, the grandson of the former king, as saying that King Salman’s totally wrong … Continue reading

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Ramzan Preperations shows Muslims Population increasing in Latin America

JNN 26 June 2015 Sau Paulo  : With the start of the holy month of Ramadan, Latinos are noticing that a significant number of their neighbors have started observing fasting … Continue reading

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