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Indian Muslim Population rose by 24 percent in the first Decade of 21st Century

JNN 29 Jan 2015 New Delhi : Muslim population in India has grown by 24 per cent between 2001 and 2011 against national average of 18 per cent with the … Continue reading

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Atleast 61 Shiite Martyred during Juma Prayers in a Suicide Blast at Shikarpur , Pakistan

JNN 31 Jan 2015 Karachi : At least 61 people were Martyred in a Suicide Blast  at a crowded Shi’ite Jama Masjid Karbala e Maula  in Pakistan during Friday prayers, the latest … Continue reading

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4 Israeli soldiers killed , several injured in Hezbollah’s Retaliatory Missile attack near Sheeba Farms, Lebanon

JNN 28 Jan 2015 Beirut : Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah,targeted an Israeli convoy of nine vehicles in occupied Shebaa Farms on Wednesday, killing 4 Soldiers and injuring a large number … Continue reading

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Young Woman and Men from Russia and Europe embraces Islam

JNN 28 Jan 2015 Tehran : A 24-year-old Irish man who studied about Islam and found it a complete religion converted to Islam after traveling to Mashhad and attending in … Continue reading

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Emergency Declared in Several US States Due to Heavy Snow Storm

JNN 28 Jan 2015 New York : An emergency has been declared in several US states as a storm bringing hurricane-force winds and 90cm (36ins) of snow barrels down on … Continue reading

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IS Terrorists on the Run , As Iraqi forces Liberate Diyala Province , Kurdish Militia Liberate Kobane , Syria

JNN 27 Jan 2015 BAGHDAD : , A top army officer announced troops had “liberated” the Diyala province from ISIS Terrorists. Across the border in Syria , A Kurdish militia … Continue reading

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Boko Haram Terrorists capture Nigerian town of Monguno, attack Another Key City

JNN 27 Jan 2015 Abuja : Takfiri Boko Haram terrorists have captured Nigeria’s northeastern town of Monguno after fierce clashes with the West African country’s army, security sources say.

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An Open Letter to the Western Youth By Irani Supreme Leader

JNN 26 Jan 2015 Tehran : Last Week Irani Supreme Leader has Written an Open Letter addressing the Western World Youth , and given some Points to them to Ponder … Continue reading

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Another Suicide Bomber’s Association with Lal Masjid Declared , Yet No Action against it

JNN 24 Jan 2015 TAXILA: Preliminary investigation has revealed that Kosar Ali, the suicide bomber who blew himself up at a police picket in Wah on Tuesday, had been a … Continue reading

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Iran’s Ex Vice President Sentenced to 5 Year Jail Term

JNN 24 Jan 2015 TEHRAN  — Iran’s supreme court has sentenced a former vice president to five years in prison and ordered him to pay a 10 billion rial ($300,000) … Continue reading

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King Abdullah Dies , Salman takes Over as the New Monarch of Saudi Arabia

JNN 23 Jan 2015 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has died at the age of 90, according to Saudi media.

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Buddhist Monks Rallies against Rohingya Muslims Right of Myanmar’s Citizenship

JNN 21 Jan 2015 Yangon :  Hundreds of protesters led by Buddhist monks rallied in Myanmar on Friday to denounce a visit by a human rights envoy of the United … Continue reading

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Film on ” Imam Hussain a.s ” Presented in a Film Festival in Iraq

JNN 22 Jan 2015 TEHRAN : A film titled “La Nihayah” (eternal) featuring the character of Imam Hussein (AS) was screened at the third film festival held at Maysan Province … Continue reading

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Several Areas of Anbar Province Liberated from IS Terrorist by Iraqi Army , 9 Civilians Died in 2 Bomb Blasts

JNN 21 Jan 2015 Baghdad : The Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday, that the security forces have regained control over the entire area of al-Harariyat in Anbar province.

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49 Corruption Suspects brought Back to China from 17 countries, including US, UK and Canada.

JNN 19 Jan 2015 BEIJING – A total of 49 fugitive suspects of corruption and other duty-related crimes were returned to China from overseas by prosecutors nationwide in 2014, an … Continue reading

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6 Hezbollab fighters & Irani IRGC General Martyred in an Airstrike by Israeli forces on Syrian Border Town

JNN 20 Jan 2015 Beirut : Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah confirmed the death of six fighters in the new Israeli airstrike on the southwestern strategic Syrian city of Quneitra. Iran … Continue reading

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Sponsors of Jihadi Nurseries , UK Govt wants Nurseries to REPORT Potential Terrorists Toddlers

JNN 19 Jan 2015 London : It may become a “duty” of Nurseries and Elementary Schools in the UK to track and report any child that shows signs of sympathy … Continue reading

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Shia Houthi Fighters seize TV Station , Presidential Palace Under Siege

JNN 19 Jan 2015 Sanaa : Heavy clashes erupted between Yemen’s presidential guard and Shia Houthi fighters around the presidential palace in the capital, Sanaa, media reports said.

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IS Terrorists Recruitment faces Clashes with Taliban in Afghanistan

JNN 17 Jan 2015 Kabul : Islamic State Terrorists are reportedly recruiting and operating across the south of Afghanistan in a bid to expand their self-proclaimed “caliphate”.

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Euro Falls to 9 year Low, amidst Greece uncertainty over exit from EU

JNN 16 Jan 2015 Brussels : The euro fell to $1.1861, its weakest level since 2006 on the back of uncertainty over Greece’s position within the single currency. A strong … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Homeless Die in New Delhi in Cold Snap

JNN 15 Jan 2015 Delhi : Hundreds of people have died in a major cold snap that has struck the Indian capital, New Delhi, as thousands of homeless people struggle … Continue reading

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Over 50 Anti-Muslim attacks registered in France after Charlie Hebdo shooting

JNN 15 Jan 2015 Paris : More than 50 anti-Muslim incidents have happened across France – including shootings – in less than a week since the deadly attack on satirical … Continue reading

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143 Wahabi Boko Haram Terrorists killed by Cameron Army

JNN 15 Jan 2015 Yaoundé – The Cameroonian army killed 143 Boko Haram fighters who attacked a military base in the northern town of Kolofata on Monday, in what the … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars Market on the Rise

JNN 13 Jan 2015 SOUTHFIELD (Michigan): Vehicles that drive themselves on the freeway or take over in traffic jams may be on the road in large numbers by 2017 and … Continue reading

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8 Shia Man Martyred in Suicide Blast on Milad un Nabi Congregation at an Imambargah in Rawal Pindi , Pakistan

JNN 11 Jan 2015 RAWALPINDI: A powerful blast rattled an Imambargah in a densely populated Shia Majority area of Rawalpindi on Friday, killing at least eight people and injuring at … Continue reading

January 12, 2015 · 1 Comment

McDonald Using Sub Standard Meat in Pakistan , China and Japan

JNN 07 Jan 2015 LAHORE: A PML-N Punjab Assembly member has revealed that a multinational food chain, McDonalds, imported 71 tonnes of substandard meat into Pakistan and some multinational companies … Continue reading

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LHC acquits 4 Terrorists convicted of Imambargah Bomb Blast Case , Sentenced to Death in 2009

JNN 06 Jan 2015 Islamabad : The Rawalpindi bench of LHC acquitted four prisoners accused of a 2002 suicide attack on an Imambargah Shah e Najaf , Lahore , in which … Continue reading

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Irani Revolutionary Gaurds arrests Terrorists Groups from Pakistan Neighboring Sistan Baluchistan Province

JNN 06 Jan 2015 Tehran : Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has arrested a terrorist group in the southeast of the country.

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Saudi Grand Mufti and IS Terrorists Bans Birth Celebrations of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH )

JNN 04 Jan 2015 Riyadh : In a surprise fatwa (religious edict), Saudi Arabia’s top Islamic scholar has urged Muslims to stop staging ceremonies to mark the birthday of the … Continue reading

January 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

Bahrian’s Shia Oppostion Leader arrested by Al Khalifa Regime , thousands Protest , Iran condemn

JNN 04 Jan 2015 Manama : “The West believes in the protection of human rights and democracy, but when it comes to the regimes in the region, such values are … Continue reading

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U.S. Opens Door to Oil Exports after year of Pressure

JNN 01 Jan 2015 New York : The Obama administration on Tuesday bowed to months of growing pressure over a 40-year-old ban on exports of most domestic crude, taking two … Continue reading

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Third Mosque Hit in a Week By Arson Attack in Sweden , Hate Crimes against Muslims on the rise in UK

JNN 01 Jan 2015 Stockholm : Swedish police were hunting Thursday for at least one suspect following what is believed to be the third arson attack on a mosque in … Continue reading

January 3, 2015 · 1 Comment

World’s 400 richest get richer, adding $92bn in 2014

JNN 02 Jan 2015 Moscow : The 400 richest billionaires in the world added another $92 billion to their names in 2014 and now sit on assets worth $4.1 trillion, … Continue reading

January 3, 2015 · 1 Comment

Iran Signs Coop. Agreement with Germany on Shia Studies Program

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Frankfurt : Iran and Germany have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a Shia studies program at a German university.

January 3, 2015 · 1 Comment

Top Shia Cleric Assassinated in Uganda

01 Jan 2015 Kampala – Two Muslim clerics has been Martyred by Assailants, On Christmas day, the Leader of the Shia Muslim Community in Uganda, Sheikh Dactoor Abdu Kadir Muwaya, … Continue reading

January 2, 2015 · 1 Comment

New Year 2015 Celebrations around the World , Chinese Stampede Kills 36, Irani Christians Celebrate

JNN 01 Jan 2015 Shanghai : A stampede killed at least 36 people during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Shanghai, authorities said, possibly caused by people rushing to pick up … Continue reading

January 2, 2015 · 1 Comment

Military Courts Only Remedy for the elimination of Terrorism from Pakistan

JNN 30 Dec 2014 ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s political leadership in the presence of the Army Chief and ISI Chief agreed on Wednesday, 25th Dec to establish Specialized Courts Headed By Military … Continue reading

December 30, 2014 · 1 Comment

More than 100 thousand Shia Muslims in Ukraine : Shia Cleric

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Kiev : Through his meeting with the Secretary-General of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, al-Shaikh Shin Shin, head of Ukrainian delegation, said “We have come to Karbala … Continue reading

December 28, 2014 · 1 Comment

Iran the First Country to Support Iraq Against Terrorists : Iraqi President

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Baghdad : “Iran was the first country that backed up Iraq against the terrorists’ invasion at a time when we needed possibilities to fight the terrorists,” … Continue reading

December 28, 2014 · 2 Comments

Zionist Occupant Regime Turn Ancient Historic Mosque into Museum

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Jerusalam – Zionist regime authorities in the city of Beersheba, in a symbolic gesture, have recently converted an historic mosque into a museum, despite the fact … Continue reading

December 27, 2014 · 1 Comment

Yemen’s Shia Houthi movement recaptures district near Sana’a from Al Qaida Terrorists

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Sanaa : Yemen’s Shia Houthi movement says its Ansarullah fighters have managed to retake the Arhab district near the capital Sana’a from al-Qaeda-linked militants.

December 27, 2014 · 3 Comments

Britain Conspiring with Al Khalifa Regime to Change the Demography of Bahrain

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Manama – Bahrain’s prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab said the UK is following the same strategy in Bahrain that it used for the creation of … Continue reading

December 27, 2014 · 1 Comment

Saudi Forces Kill 4 Anti-Regime Shia Activists in Eastern Province

JNN 26 Dec 2014 Riyadh : Saudi Regime forces in Saudi Arabia killed at least four people in the country’s volatile Eastern Province as Riyadh steps up its crackdown on … Continue reading

December 26, 2014 · 1 Comment

LeJ Chief to be Released Today , Explosives Recovered from Lal Masjid associated Seminary

JNN 24 Dec 2014 LAHORE: The leader of a banned sectarian Terrorist Group, Malik Ishaq is set to walk free from jail, officials said Tuesday, even as the government considers “radical changes” to tackle … Continue reading

December 24, 2014 · 1 Comment

ISIL Terrorist trafficking Human Organs and Afghan Drugs through Turkey and Saudi Arabia

JNN 23 Dec 2014 The terrorist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has turned its hand to human organ trafficking to fund its terror activities across … Continue reading

December 23, 2014 · 1 Comment

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